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Rainbow Schools' curriculum is based on developmentally appropriate practices.
We use a learning center approach to the curriculum.  Specifically, Rainbow Schools provide a curriculum rich in discovery and exploration.  We believe that learning takes place through child-initiated, free choice activities or "experiential" learning. Though the program may appear informal and flexible, the curriculum and environment are a result of careful daily planning by staff.  Teachers arrange the learning environment into many interesting areas:  art, blocks, cooking, computer, dramatic play, library, listening center, carpentry, music and movement, science, the outdoors, sand and water, table games and manipulatives.  These learning centers also provide exposure to letters and shapes as well as a foundation for numbers and math concepts.   

Our curriculum is designed to help each child develop in the following ways:

•  Socially - by providing experiences to help each child learn to share.

•  Emotionally - by helping each child to recognize and express feelings in acceptable ways.

•  Physically - by encouraging children to develop large and small muscle strength and coordination.

•  Intellectually - by providing creative learning opportunities to develop reasoning skills.


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